Arrimage is a swiss fashion accessory brand founded by Laure Gremion, Marie-Anne Le Corre and Mélissa Meylan, three designer friends sharing the same passion. 


Encordé defines an accessory collection joining cleverly Tyvek® and cotton rope. The ingenious combinaison of those two soft materials, offers structure and stability. Tyvek®, waterproof, tearproof an recyclable material, is used is multiple fields, among others is building isolation or medical packaging. This material offers many printing possibilities.Time patina personalize each accessory and makes it unique. 


- Swiss week, Zhenjiang, China 15-21.10.2016
- Beijing Design Week 23.09-07.10.2016
- Fashion show at the World Economic Forum, Tianjin 27.06.2016


Jury price at ChallengeME 13.11.2016